IV Hydration Therapy

Let us help you do your Encourage Healthy Time!

Feel free to come in and we will assess and evaluate your need for:

  • IV hydration therapy:  
  • Dehydration:

If you have experienced loss of bodily fluids:

After Menstruation

Diarrhea, Nausea/Vomiting, poor appetite or any other illness


If you recently had: 

Fever, flu, cold, headache, constipation, UTI, pneumonia

Frequent urination after drinking too much alcohol

Poor eating habits, long hours of work

Frequent exercise/Jogging with heavy sweating

Active sports player 


If you feel:

Dry and achy

Fatigued/Tired, worn out with low energy, High stress

  • IV Multivitamin infusions  

Encourage healthy and become the Best, Healthiest you!

Replenish your body's vitamin storage for better health

Nutritional support therapy

Good hydration and rejuvenation

Cell repair


If you: 

Frequently drink alcohol

Work long hours with Poor eating habits

Had Diarrhea, Nausea/Vomiting, poor appetite, any other illness

Have fatigue/tired, Dry and achy, worn out with low energy, high stress


Encourage healthy with: 

IV multivitamins, consistent exercise and good nutrition

Maintain good hydration and enhance your ability to fight illness

Enhance your energy level, Feel better, and sleep well