All care is completely private and confidential (HIPAA compliant)


Our Mission

To Keep communities' health wise with health screenings and health education.

Everyone is Welcome

Health-Wise Family Care Center is an outpatient medical clinic, staffed with a team of highly qualified and experienced health care professionals. We provide care to every age group regardless of insurance status. At Health-Wise Family Care Center, everyone is welcomed and treated with the utmost compassion, respect and dignity. We offer health screens with appropriate health education sessions, so individuals become aware and receive education about their health abnormalities at its earliest stage. 

We will not turn anyone away

We offer treatment but will quickly refer a person to a specialist as needed. Included in our lab option is a very affordable choice to get lab work done for health monitoring. Health-Wise Family Care will never turn a person away because they cannot pay, instead we will work within your budget to guide you into constructing an affordable payment plan suitable for you and your family's continued survival.

Video Visits

Health-Wise Family Care offers a comprehensive service both in the office and via video visits. Our patients do not have to miss a day of work for services that are video visit appropriate. If lab work is required, then a person may need to come to our office for specimen collection. We are willing to accommodate our patients any way we can and make our relationship with you a true benefit to you and your family.

Womens' Health, Screenings and Maintenance

Our health care team wants a healthy, health-focused relationship with you and your entire family. We want to prevent common health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and others.

Convenient Care

In the office, we offer video visits too, in our telemedicine prepared room you can consult with a qualified health care provider.  If labs are ordered by the doctor or Nurse Practitioner our well-trained staff will draw your blood so you do not need to make an additional trip to the lab site. In addition, when you leave our office, your prescription will be waiting at a pharmacy of your choice.

Private and Confidential

Our team is available at any time via video visit but our office is operating and opens to the public Monday to Saturday. All care is completely private and confidential (HIPAA compliant)

Health-Wise Family Care makes it a priority to ensure you get the best available care for your health issue. We will care for you and your family because we are health wise and we care.


  • Provide the highest quality primary care service to local New Jersey communities
  • Provide highest quality Health Screening service/prophylactic care to New Jersey people
  • Provide excellent patient and family appropriate health education
  • Be an appropriate and adequate medical resource to the New Jersey people
  • Assist in the prevention of infectious diseases
  • Be an active participant in closing the gap in access to quality health care
  • Assist in the maintenance and prevention of Chronic diseases
  • Adequately meet the health needs of our patients via in person and/or live telemedicine format
  • Significantly decrease hospital admissions and readmissions in the service community