• NOT FEELING WELL but unable to make a trip to our office? 
  • Out of town? 
  • At work 
  • Need to attend an important meeting?
  • No Babysitter? 
  • Prefer a visit from home? 
  • Office closed? 
  • Don’t have a ride? 
  • Traffic heavy?
  • Bad weather?
  • Life is happening. 
  • Call us for your private and confidential Video Visit!  

 How to attend a video visit.

  1. On your computer (laptop or desk top)
  2. Click on the link in the patient portal
  3. Enter your information by answering each question
  4. Enter your credit or debit card information for payment
  5. Now you are ready to see our doctor or family nurse practitioner
  6. Tell us your symptoms(based on your illness, you may be required to come to the office) 
  7. Tell us which pharmacy you use
  8. Pick up your medication at your convenience.
  9. Take ALL medications as prescribed
  10. Follow-up again as needed
  11. Let us know how you are doing

If you are experiencing chest pain or difficulty breathing please call 911 immediately