Family Care Center

Family Care Center is dedicated to provide comprehensive care to patients of all ages, including geriatric, adult, adolescent, child, and infant. Patient services include primary care to your whole family. The clinical team is trained to provide care for common medical conditions, preventive medicine and early detection of major illnesses.

As one of the leading community health care providers family care health centers is dedicated to providing comprehensive primary health care services to the residents. With two state-of-the-art facilities family care also works to improve the overall health of the communities it serves by reducing barriers to health care.


Family Care Center

Comprehensive health care is provided regardless of one’s health insurance status. Family care accepts private, medicaid and medicare insurance plans. To bridge communication gaps with non-english speaking patients, staff provides interpretation services for Hispanic, Bosnian, Vietnamese, and Somali patients and uses outside resources for patients speaking other languages.

Family care health centers offers patients convenience, quality and innovation in primary care. Our providers use evidence-based medical care to address your physical and mental health needs. We coordinate your care across multiple care settings – visits to sub-specialists, the ER and the hospital. 

Through our exchange of information we help you better understand your medical conditions and provide the education and tools you need to take charge of your health. Our health centers offer convenient hours of operation including 24 hour access to physician telephone consultation for emergencies. 

Our goal is to provide compassionate, comprehensive care for every member of your family. We have many providers, including specialists who can meet all your health care needs – from obstetrics and orthopedic surgeons to dermatologists and dietitians. Family care, you can count on exceptional care from experienced, board-certified providers.

When you or someone in your family requires specialized care or diagnostic tests, you will be able to get the care you need. Our team includes a wide range of specialists. We also offer full-service laboratory services, cardiovascular imaging, endoscopy, and radiology.

Our goal is to be your partner in healthcare by serving as your medical home. We are committed to make available to you a personal physician who provides for all of your healthcare needs and coordinates your care across all settings, including the medical office, hospital, clinics, testing facilities, and other places where you receive healthcare". 


We look forward to working with you to optimize your health. We provide multifaceted disease management including:

. High Blood Pressure
. High Cholesterol
. Heart disease
. Diabetes
. Chronic kidney disease
. Hepatitis

Family care center are set up according to strict regulatory guidelines. In many states family care center providers are also monitored but not the way day care centers are. Largely home care providers are given much more leeway because they have fewer children involved. They are under constant scrutiny and have to hold up to periodic inspections.

Acute and preventive care services are provided to patients of all ages. Family care center are assigned a panel of patients with whom they work for the length of their residency. Residents follow their patients in the hospital, nursing home or at home as appropriate.

The family care center strives to be a model practice in which residents participate in innovative models for providing family medicine. Among our practice innovations are electronic medical records, open-access scheduling, integrated primary care, the chronic care model, group medical visits for diabetes, chronic pain, osteopathic manipulative medicine clinic and group prenatal visits.

Family care center are designed to support and enhance physical and cognitive functioning for those diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and other memory care disorders. Our mission of quality care and service is provided by our dedicated and highly skilled staff members. We provide a creative approach involving family, staff and client in a true partnership of care giving. The Center is able to offer respite relief and ensure confidence that your loved one is receiving the highest quality of care.

Knowing that your care facility has met or exceeds the standards that are set forth by the state that you live in gives parents peace of mind. In addition to meeting the standards it is also good to know that day care centers are monitored and inspected for safety. In many states a child care provider has to do a thorough background inspection of all of their employees. A monthly support group and the availability of ongoing education is also available for family members and caregivers.

We offer a great facility that includes a sleep room, recliners, lockers, chapel, consultation room, resource room, outdoor patio access, showers and a comforting ambience. The critical care representatives in the family care center will help keep family members informed and connected on the status of their loved one by connecting the family to the surgery floor, ICU, recovery and discharge. The family care center information and guidelines follow the principles of patient and family centered care.

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