Iv Therapy New South Jersey

Convenient and versatile IV Therapy is turning healthcare on its head as it rolls out technologically advanced treatment options that make an ordinary trip to the doctor into “old school”. IV therapy New South Jersey treatments are in high demand as patients experience the advantages of a tailored “cocktail” that replenishes and restores depleted nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and any other deficiencies.

Administering vitamins and nutrients intravenously gives us the ability to bypass the digestive system and eliminated the chance of inhabitation of absorption of nutrients taken in orally. Being able to place micronutrients where they need to be, when they need to be there is an extremely effective way to treat medical conditions and improve overall health. 

Iv Therapy New South Jersey

Some of the general benefits that patients experience include:

- Overall sense of well-being
- Rehydrating the body and vitamin input
- Improved sports performance
- Enhanced immune support
- Stress relief
- 100% Absorption into the Blood Stream

The absence of toxins is a prerequisite for health, but so is the presence of nutrients. Eating the right foods isn’t always possible and does not guarantee that you are getting everything your body needs. IV nutrition therapy feeds amino acids, vitamins, minerals directly into the blood stream, by-passing the digestive tract where much of the nutritional value of foods and supplements can be lost. 

Unlike oral supplements, IV therapy delivers concentrated amounts of nutrients that would otherwise cause digestive discomfort or even illness. IV nutritional therapy is perfect for individuals looking to improve their overall health, improve athletic performance, reduce the effects of aging, manage stress, and enhance physical appearance.

What to Expect with IV Therapy

All IV therapy treatments begin with an individual consultation with a functional medicine clinician. In this consultation, potential patients can discuss their concerns, goals and desires for IV nutritional therapy. Each patient will meet with our wellness doctor to review general health questions and determine the best course of treatment. All patients undergo a baseline blood test to ensure tolerance for all vitamins and minerals, as well as to establish a thorough understanding of physiologic needs.

Some patients may want further testing to include food tolerance screening and nutritional analysis. This screening can reveal potential toxin exposure and give a more comprehensive overview of a patient’s state of health. Treatment typically includes a weekly regimen to ensure that the body is getting adequate vitamins and minerals to support activity, wellness, and health.

We utilize a comfortable butterfly needle with a micro-catheter to administer the nutritional therapy. Some individuals report feeling a warmth and flushing sensation as the IV is given. During your IV nutritional therapy session, soothing music, computer access, massage chair and current reading materials are all available.


IV nutritional therapy is a minimally invasive treatment that is well tolerated by most people. It has a low risk of serious side effects, which may include discomfort at the injection site or a slight after-taste of supplements after the infusion. Urine may have a strong color or odor due to the supplements.

What is IV therapy?

Intravenous (IV) vitamin and mineral therapy is a safe and powerful healing tool. Taking vitamins and minerals orally is very helpful, however the difference they make can be slow and gradual. It also relies on an often compromised digestive system to be able to absorb and metabolize the nutrients. 

Intravenous Therapy is a procedure that uses an intravenous drip to infuse essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into the body. This allows higher levels of nutrients to be introduced into the body than is possible via oral vitamins or supplements.

IV Therapy has seen a rise in popularity recently, although the treatment is not new.  Intravenous Therapy has been used for years by doctors to safely and effectively treat and manage a wealth of health conditions, as well as improve overall patient health and performance.

Our clinic offers IV treatment in a relaxed, almost spa-like environment. Patients relax in a room during the treatment (anywhere between 15-90 minutes), often while enjoying a book or catching up with friends on their tablet via our complimentary wi-fi.There are a variety of IV treatments available depending on your health concerns and wellness goals. 

The process of intravenous therapy also referred as infusion therapy can be painful if not administered in a proper manner, which in turn depreciates the outcome of patient care. Whether it is in hospital or at the comfort of home, Intravenous therapy techniques can be carried well only with job practice and skill set by a proficient clinicians.

Registered nurses are well trained and experienced to deliver the medications with minimal pain resulting in less patient adverse event. IV therapy New South Jersey team of extensively trained registered nurses, pharmacist and dieticians work together with the patient’s physician to provide a pain free IV therapy.


IV therapy New South Jersey allows you to speed up the healing process. IV therapy consists of a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients specifically selected for a patient’s condition and are administered directly into the vein. IV therapy involves infusing vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. Administering the nutrients intravenously can achieve serum concentrations higher than what can be obtained through oral supplementation.

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