Infusion Center Of Nj

The infusion center of NJ professional offers easy outpatient access to high-quality infusion and chemotherapy services. Staffed by registered nurses who specialize in intravenous and injectable therapies, we provide personalized, compassionate and comfortable care to every patient we see.


The Infusion Center offers a variety of intravenous, injectable and infusion health services including:

> Antibiotic administration
> Blood product infusion
> Chemotherapy
> IV medications
> IV hydration
> Injections 


Infusion Center Of Nj

Our infusion services are provided on a convenient outpatient basis, where you visit just long enough to receive your infusion treatment and then leave immediately after. This helps decrease time spent in clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes and reduces your medical costs.

Conditions treated

Infusion therapy is prescribed by your doctor for conditions that cannot be treated effectively by oral medications. These conditions can include:

> Blood diseases and disorders
> Chronic pain
> Crohn’s Disease
> Dehydration
> Diabetes
> Hepatitis C
> Immune deficiencies
> Infections
> Multiple sclerosis
> Nutrition deficiencies
> Osteoporosis
> Renal failure
> Rheumatoid arthritis

The infusion center of NJ also features a beautiful "Serenity Garden" where patients may relax, weather permitting.Literature and information is available about treatments, medications and illnesses, as well as the opportunity to review and discuss any questions you may have with one of the Center's nurse specialists. Infusion therapy delivers a liquid directly into a patient's vein, rather than orally. Many times, infusion therapy is provided as a medical treatment or is offered to offset side effects of other treatments. 

Infusion therapies are most often used for patients undergoing: 

Our facility offers many amenities to make your visits as relaxed as possible, including: 

> Comfortable, private rooms and bathrooms
> A friend or family member is welcome to stay with you
> Televisions in every room
> Mobile television with play station for those who prefer video games or movies
> Delicious meals available for purchase catered from the cafe
> Option of using a reclining chair or bed during your infusion
> Large waiting area for family and friends

The infusion center of NJ offers a comfortable and tranquil environment for patients who require frequent infusion therapy. This new facility is designed to be patient-centered. Flooded with natural light and a view of a beautiful atrium area, the outpatient facility features eight private infusion chairs in a warm, spa-like setting. 

To help guide patients through their cancer treatment journey, a infusion center can help coordinate patient-centered care in the following ways:

> Assist with appointments and paperwork for the patient
> Facilitate access to high quality care and relieve barriers for timely care
> Educate about disease process and treatment options
> Provide referrals to appropriate services, i.e. social worker for financial issues, etc.

Infusion center offering convenient, outpatient care for patients with cancer and other chronic conditions that require intravenous treatments and injections. The center serves patients undergoing chemotherapy as well as those who need infusions for hyperemesis gravidarum, blood products, Reclast, and more. Designed with your needs mind, this facility offers expert care in a calming, tranquil environment.

Infusion Center Features

> 36 comfortable infusion chairs with individual TVs
> Two private infusion rooms
> Wireless Internet and blanket warmers
> Physician oversight 5 days a week
> Convenient, comfortable option for downtown 

Our physicians, nurses and pharmacists work together to address individual emotional and physical needs of each patient. Nurses are able to answer questions about treatment and side effects, as well as schedule follow-up appointments and tests. Our pharmacists are available to provide consultations and instructions about medications, as well as answer questions about herbal therapies and supplements a patient may be taking during treatment.

Our relaxed and friendly environment promotes patient comfort and supports healing. Spacious, private rooms allow loved ones to be present for support during treatment. Each room is furnished with comfortable seating, a private bathroom and a television. A few rooms with beds are available for patients unable to tolerate seated treatment or who have longer infusions. A selection of videos and CDs are available to entertain patients or promote relaxation.


You may be referred to the infusion center for tests, procedures, and infusion therapy that, in the past, required you to be admitted to the hospital. Patients may have a single treatment or may return for multiple treatments over weeks and months. If you require IV therapy during a hospital stay, you may be able to have your treatments at the infusion center, helping to decrease the number of days you spend in the hospital.

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